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Traffic is critical to any website, without traffic there is no point in having a site. Take advantage of these tools to boost your traffic and get in front of your competition!

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Swap links with us today. It takes just a few minutes and increases your traffic and helps your search ranks for the top search engines. Our swap system is automated so you don't have to wait for us to add your link. Simply add a link to us and fill in your details, as soon as someone clicks our link on your site you are added. The people who send the most people to us are ranked higher on our links page and therefore get more traffic from us in return. The PseudoTUBE video network has 12.6 million hits per year.

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The mass swap works just the same way as the single swap but you can swap with upto 100 PseudoTUBE sites in 1 go! Yes, upto 100 links swapped in less than 60 seconds. We hope that you find this one of the most powerful traffic boosting systems online today?

Video applet - click to get the applet

Videos are viral, people always tell other people about them. How many times are you sent an email from a friend via email? Have you ever wondered how many millions of people watch a video that is passed around the world? Some videos can have over 10 million views in just a few weeks. Wouldn't it be great to have your website listed in these emails? Our applet does just this. You add our videos to your site with just 3 lines of webcode and then people can email them to friends and your link is included.

Start a PseudoTUBE site - click to get a free site

Webmaster today often have more than 1 site. The advantage this gives you is multiple sites allow each other to grow faster. It is also good business sense to have sites in different industry sectors. You could have a site like this one in just a few hours. It is all made automatically. The owner of this site hasn't done any of this code. They simply add content from the major video system such as Youtube / Revver / Metacafe and then work on marketing and promotion.


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You can add links to affilaite products that match your niche and earn sales commission for every sale. Just upload an image, write and description and add a link with your unique affiliate information.

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